Circuits Electronics

RF Module

Designed on 433MHz frequency, working voltage 3-5v. Range greater than 100 meters. Other frequencies are also possible. Small size, and super-efficient, the transmitter can run for months on 2 AA batteries. A programmable transmitter sends coded data, to which only paired receiver will act.

Power Adaptor

Available in custom sizes, 12v 1Amp, 24v 1Amp, 12v 2Amp, 5v 2 Amp, 5V 1 Amp. All voltage and current options available.With minimum ripple and PF near to unity following EU standards. Can also offer GaN, PD and other variations.

Water Bell Over Flow Alarm

Multi language Voice available with high bit rate. Dedicated Voice IC makes it reliable, efficient and long lasting.

Home Automation

4 to 8 channels with SMPS supply. RF and IR both models available. Functional for Tube light and fan with speed control.

BLDC ceiling Fan

Fortior SOC based 32watts celling fan solution with 0.99 PF and 4KV surge protection. Control via IR and RF both models available. 24volts solution with hight voltage protection (shut down).

Bluetooth Module

Bluetooth 5.0 module working at 5v, low power consumption and small size makes it ideal solution for devices requiring wireless connectivity. Supports BLE.

WiFi Module

IEEE 802.11be module working at 5v, super-efficient nano size, optimum for industrial as well as domestic applications.

Touch LCD

Custom LCDs in all sizes. Share your drawings and specs. All types of LCDS- TN, STN, DSTN, FSTN, or IPS. All resolutions are supported.

Panel Meters

AC-Volts, amps, frequency, PF meters DC – volt, amp, power meter, available in different sizes.

Battery Management System

BMS specifically designed for EV following EU standards, having all the protection needed i.e overload, high temperature, high voltage protection.

Emergency LED Bulb

12watt Led bulb with lithium ion battery for power backup, charges in 5hrs completely and gives a power backup of 8 hrs.

Voice OTP module

Voice IC from 36 sec to 360 sec with high bit rate. Cost effective and easily programmable makes it ideal to replace with COB.

Toy RF circuit

433 MHz, working voltage 3v, low power consumption, range up to 50m, cost competitive.

LED driver

CC and CV models with custom Size available, PF>0.98. Reliable and efficient, made with a view to compete with other options in price.

Smart Socket

6Amps & 16Amps both options available, Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity. Easy, user friendly app interface.

IOT module

Internet of Things is a ground-breaking way to add convenience and flexibility to your life by connecting commonly used objects to the Internet and then controlling them through a WiFi connected device.
Plug and Play IoT switches which can control your Light, AC, Water Pump, or any other device you wish.